What Our Patients Say

“My quality of life was seriously affected by the squint. I used to fall many times holding onto something I thought was there. Having the operation was like a miracle. I was very happy with the outcome. I feel like a different person. I would recommend Mr Vishwanath 100% to anyone. He has changed my life.”

L. Smith

“I am so grateful for the good news you passed to us.  Please accept… [our] deep appreciations for the care you provided… The support of Swarna will never be forgotten and the next time we are at the Squint Treatment Centre, we must come to express our gratitude.  Thanks again.”

Mashhoor.A, OMAN

“ I had constant double vision and my eye was inverted… I can comprehend the benefits those eye surgeries brought to my life. It’s because of you I have been given a provisional license so I can attempt to acquire a full driving license.”

K. Simpson

“I was told at my local hospital that the operation could not be performed without causing double vision due to my complicated sight in the eye, however Mr Vishwanath felt that he could operate successfully and this has proven to be a correct clinical judgement”

Mrs Daniels

“I have had a squint for 30 years- gradually getting worse. I now don’t need any prisms in my glasses so they are lighter and thinner”

Patricia D.

“Excellent and very clear with all [his] advice. Definitely [would recommend]! Very competent and an extremely pleasant person”


“I am really pleased with the results of the squint surgery you carried out for me and feel extremely gratefully. Although retired, I have an active lifestyle that includes walking, gold and crown green bowling. All these activities will I am sure be enhanced by the improvement to my sight.”

M. S.

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent quality of care and clinical service I received…I felt that the team took great care to ensure that I felt at ease, during … a very stressful and uneasy time/ All the staff involved in my care were professional at all times whilst allowing me to feel comfortable and well informed about the procedure I was to undergo.”

Ms O'Chilli

"I appreciate that for the team involved, preparing a patient for squint surgery is a normal routine, however, I felt that they all went to more than expected lengths to make me… feel as I was receiving special treatment and they displayed a high level of care towards me. Thanks to all the hard work and skill of Mr Vishwanath… and his team, the operation was deemed to be a success both clinically and personally.”

Miss Rebecca